Lead Generation for Solopreneurs


sōlōprəˈnər / noun /

  1. a person who sets up and runs a business on their own.

"being a solopreneur has forced me to learn how to handle all aspects of business including marketing which I do not feel like I understand plus there is never enough time in the day to get to all of the things that would actually help my business grow and scale in a way that would bring me the life I want..."


Get your time back and gain a competitive edge.

You have to do all of the marketing, business development, and sales yourself. Not to mention be an operational leader for your firm (especially if its just you...because you also have to fulfill the work you sell while trying to keep your funnel filling up 😫).

You want to generate leads more effectively in the competitive digital landscape without working 18 hours a day or spending ungodly amounts of money on marketing agencies that you are not 100% convinced will produce the result (and you are right to be cautious about that...I WOULD KNOW).

These courses were built with the solopreneur in mind. Meaning this: Lead generation isn't really the goal, its the first KPI. The goal is really to build your marketing to attract attention and generate good leads while simultaneously disqualifying bad leads so you can focus on the right people with your limited time.


Attract the best clients for your brand...automatically.

These programs are geared towards attracting your ideal clients in DROVES. Plus I want to help you incorporate the most important thing a solopreneur needs to scale: AUTOMATION.

Learn how to wrap your incredible talents with intelligent automated systems that will capture more leads, disqualify opportunities, notice hot prospect behavior, communicate regularly with the internet, and deliver a full funnel so that you can do what you do best: close new business and inspire big solutions to solve your ideal customers problems.






Pssst... is something missing?

If you are looking for specific tools and training and you don't see anything listed, email our marketing "scientist" Brooke Norman and explain what you need. She either has something she can put together or can point you in a direction to get the answers you are looking for. Email research@first6media.com and get your needs met.

Seriously...if you have scrolled down here and are currently reading this... reach out. We wake up every single day passionate about making marketing easy for our clients. We want to help you. Talk to you soon?