Lead Magnet • Whitepaper
Lead Magnet • Whitepaper
Lead Magnet • Whitepaper
Lead Magnet • Whitepaper
Lead Magnet • Whitepaper
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Lead Magnet • Whitepaper

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Lead magnets bring your audience to you.

A lead magnet created with the audience needs as the focus can attract your prospects from their watering holes to YOUR email list by creating compelling and valuable content they want to download, experience, attend, etc.

Lead Magnets offered by First6 Media:

  1. Webinar (evergreen or series)
  2. Scored Quiz
  3. Participation Survey
  4. Research reports (20 pages or less)
  5. Whitepaper (40 pages or less)
  6. eBook (80 pages or less)
  7. Podcast
  8. Social Media Challenge
  9. DIY Templates

Why invest in lead magnets? They attract your ideal client to you instead of forcing your sales team to go on the hunt. It saves time and money in the acquisition of a new client by bringing the best opportunities to you.

Cause a disruption and motivate the best leads for your company to join your distribution list and move closer to your brand. Get started by choosing your preferred lead magnet type and kit!

Choose from the 3 lead magnet kits.

What level of support do you need?

Lead Magnet Basic: $650

Your raw content redesigned into a new reader-optimized whitepaper:

  • One round of revisions
  • Delivered as a PDF

Lead Magnet Social Kit: $800 (most popular)

Includes everything from the Lead Magnet Basic plus:

  • Two rounds of revisions
  • 10 social images
  • 1 infographic
  • Facebook or Google ad images

Lead Magnet Strategy Kit: $1,500

Includes everything from the Lead Magnet Social plus:

  • Three rounds of revisions
  • Audience distribution insights report to help you develop a distribution strategy that gets your magnet in front of the right leads & decisionmakers

First time with First6?

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How the process works:

Grab your raw content and what you know about your target audience...the process can start as soon as you purchase!


Step One: Purchase your lead magnet kit.


Step Two: Submit your info, conversion goal, and content.

Once payment is received, you will receive an email from the First6 Creative Team requesting the following:

  1. Brand Collection: Complete your brand onboarding using our simplified submission tool.
  2. Content Submission: Submit your content by answering a series of questions and writing prompts using our Audience Diffuser Questionnaire (this is where you will upload your prewritten content).
  3. Creative Session: Book a slot with the First6 Creative Team to refine your creative vision and lead magnet conversion goal. (all meetings are virtual)


Step Three: Content is given a SLP score. 

The First6 lead generation experts will review your submissions and assess your Social Listening Performance (SLP) score. As a part of this assessment, your content will be reviewed against our primary research and publicly available data related to your intended audience to ensure interest and relevance.

You will receive notification from  indicating one of the following:

  • Audience Approved! ⏯️ Your content is highly relevant to your ideal audience and has moved your lead magnet to the graphic design phase!
  • More Info Needed... ⏸️ Your content has room to improve prior to design! You will be provided feedback to amp up the relevance of the content; ask you to clarify points we may not understand; request you to provide additional content to supplement parts that aren't scoring well.
  • Revision Required ⏪ Your content was not relevant to your intended audience. A rewrite is needed in order to create an effective lead magnet. The First6 Creative Team will layout options for you or you can rewrite yourself and resubmit when you are ready. While it is frustrating, it is better to know now what isn't working in your marketing!
  • Declined ⏏️ This rarely happens unless it is identified that your submission is identified as misconduct, inappropriate, or violent. Examples of declined work include but are not limited to: blatant plagiarism; empirically false and/or internationally misleading content to manipulate the intended audience; hate speech; and other behaviors that are not tolerated at First6 Media.

Declined work is not entitled to a refund.**


Step Four: Review and approve your lead magnet design.

First6 designers will use your brand guidelines to create a compelling visual design optimized for user experience and send to your for review and edits.

You will review and are encouraged to provide succinct edits and/or approval.

Note: Basic plans have one revision included; Social plans have two revisions included; Strategy plans have three revisions included.


Step Five: Receive your Lead Magnet Kit and put it to use!

Once approved, First6 customer team lead magnet will be delivered to you in a compressed file that contains all of your purchased assets for use!

If you ordered the Lead Magnet Strategy Kit, it will include personalized instructions on how to implement, repurpose, and distribute your lead magnet tools to produce optimal results!


Step Six: Leave us a review

Our mission is to help great business reach their customers more often, more easily, and at a higher volume so you can help more people! We want to know if our services are helping you, so we will send you a message asking for your experience pros and cons. You help us get better all the time!




Project Timeframes. Most lead magnet kits are fully delivered within 10 days of your First6 Media LLC does not make any guarantees on timeframe; all project milestones are based on estimates. Many factors can affect timely fulfillment, but if communication channels stay open, we can deliver quickly!

Content Revision Override. If your content cannot pass the SLP assessment with a score of 65% or better (or equivalent scoring metrics), First6 Media LLC recommends pausing the project and giving it back to you for a rewrite because we are a company that is focused on helping you drive results versus spend money on things predicted to produce results below your standards. However, you can override our recommendation for revision by completing the Content Revision Override web form that states that First Six disclosed your content score, made recommendations including pausing the project to allow time for rewrites, and that you choose to decline their recommendations and proceed with the project and content as is.

Ghostwriter Services. If your content cannot pass the Audience Diffuser scoring test, you can request a First6 ghostwriter to rewrite your content for you. Ghostwriting for a lead magnet ranges between $3,000 and $6,600 depending on the scope. Send us an email if you'd like to discuss this option.

Refund Policy. Because First6 Media LLC distributes proprietary digital tools immediately upon receipt of payment and because those tools cannot be recovered, refunds are not available. We can offer credits towards other products. An administrative fee will be charged in cases of credits.


**If you content/project is declined due to misconduct, inappropriate, violent, or associated issues, you will not be entitled to a refund since the First6 digital tools have already been utilized by you and the First6 creative team's time/resources have used to review your content. If you are concerned about whether or not your content violates basic human decency standards, don't reach out to ask. It probably does and you should not buy this product. We can't help you.