you're muted new marketing book for post-covid marketing strategy k. brooke norman're muted: The Essential Post-COVID Marketing Playbook *PREORDER SALE*'re muted: The Essential Post-COVID Marketing Playbook *PREORDER SALE*
you're muted wfh life on zoom new marketing book woman time lapse're muted: The Essential Post-COVID Marketing Playbook *PREORDER SALE*'re muted: The Essential Post-COVID Marketing Playbook *PREORDER SALE*
First6 Media're muted: The Essential Post-COVID Marketing Playbook *PREORDER SALE*

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I wrote this book to help you reinvent your marketing and fill that pipeline back up.

For people who like books.


Does your marketing program put up big results and produce predictable revenue? No?

Well it should. This book will help you assess your current program and ways to innovate given that this pandemic has changed the world and what your ideal customer needs to know to move forward with your company.


Face-to-face business development is on pause. But growing your revenue isn't.

Bad news: you were resting on your "strong handshake" and charisma to grow your revenue and you underinvested. If you have said "it was so much easier to get referrals and win new business when I could meet new people out, and build those relationships, now its just harder," THIS👏 BOOK👏 WILL👏 HELP👏 YOU👏

As a career strategist and small business owner, please know that COVID has not stopped you from winning. You can learn how to accelerate trust with your ideal client and fill up that pipeline with hot opportunities.


Fair warning on my belief systems lol...

  • Marketing is an investment; not an expense. That means it should make you more money. No exceptions.
  • Marketing is just the study of human behavior with one intended outcome = revenue.
  • Marketing can ALWAYS be measured. Anyone who tells you it "isn't like that" has likely just wasted your money.
  • Strategy is ONLY the most direct path to the ideal result.
  • Ideas have NO inherent value. The only thing worth paying for is execution.
If you want to argue with me about is my calendar link: meet with norman

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About the new marketing book designed to enhance your 2021 lead generation performance #youremuted

Book Title:'re muted
Subtitle: The Essential Post-COVID Marketing Playbook to Accelerate Trust without Face-to-Face Tactics and Refill Your Pipeline Fast
Author: K. Brooke Norman, founder of First6 Media • a marketing growth firm
Formats: hardcover / paperback / kindle / audiobook
ISBN/LCCN: pending
Status: available for pre-order now
Estimated ship date: Mar 31, 2021 note: the original ship date was Jan 15, 2021, but delivery of the first run of books has been delayed due to printing constraints. Thanks for your understanding!