Lead Magnet • Online Course
Lead Magnet • Online Course
Lead Magnet • Online Course
Lead Magnet • Online Course
Lead Magnet • Online Course
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Lead Magnet • Online Course

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For people who just need more time or the right people who get their vision to get it over the hump.

Listen...I know your type. You are smart. You are helpful. You are everyone's go-to person. And somehow you always make it happen for everyone. You go above and beyond for your clients...but there are never enough hours in the day to get your big ideas done. What about you?


We are the team that turns your idea into a commercialized product that will thrill your clients and attract your prospects.

I CANNOT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH: You should 100000% create that course. Write that book. Create that video series. It is the way to scale your impact and use digital automation to fill your pipeline AND fulfill the work!

Imagine announcing your brand new online course to kick off 2021.

Invest in your firm's digital transformation and let Team First6 build that online course series you have been meaning to create FOREVER • package includes:

  1. Session writeup with course description and SEO-based learning objectives
  2. Logo treatment, speaker sheet, and custom icons
  3. Course application web form
  4. PowerPoint presentation (with template)
  5. Digital course streaming platform buildout
  6. Interactive quiz, engaging polls, and digital handouts
  7. Social & PR media promotion kit
  8. Post-attendee satisfaction survey
  9. Online course builder toolkit swipe file
  10. Up to eight (8) hours of course video editing


*does not include hard expenses for at-home recording / studio equipment, etc.


You are ready. Don't talk yourself out of wanting things that make you more successful. Don't wait another year to share your expertise with the community 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

You are allowed to be on your own priority list. So are your professional goals. Plus this helps GROW YOUR BUSINESS. If you want to double check that you are smart enough, influential enough, valid enough to create an online course...here is my calendar link so I can knock some overdue self-love sense into you: meet with brooke norman

This product was inspired by seven specific business leaders who I have watched put in the work and prioritize other people's needs first for years. These people deserve to have someone come in and solve a problem for them. And so do you.

YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE #mentorshipmatters